Organic compounds

methylmercury, ethylmercury, tributyltin, butyltin, enriched methylmercury, enriched ethylmercury, enriched tributyltin, enriched butyltin

marca acreditacion

ISC Science is a Reference Material Producer accredited by ENAC with accreditation no. 3/PMR004. Check the Technical Annex clicking here.

The marked activities (*) are not covered by ENAC accreditation no. 3/PMR004.


Reference Materials (RM) are provided with the following general characteristics:

Our Reference Materials can be used in Isotope Dilution Analysis to: Assessment of a measurement procedure and/or quality control. Check ISO Guide 33 as a guidance for the good practice in using reference materials.

 - for specific information about the characteristics of a product, please contact us at The characteristics shown here are general for all products within this category.

The different marketed standards are shown below. To see the specific characteristics of each product, click on the product name.

201Hg-enriched Methylmercury

201Hg-enriched Methylmercury - Reference Material

Isotopically enriched standard for the analysis of Methylmercury by Isotope Dilution.

199Hg-enriched Methylmercury

199Hg-enriched Methylmercury - Reference Material

Isotopically enriched compound for the analysis of Methylmercury by Isotope Dilution.

198Hg-enriched Ethylmercury

198Hg-enriched Ethylmercury - Reference Material

Isotopically enriched compound for the analysis of Ethylmercury by Isotope Dilution.

119Sn-enriched Butyltin Mix

119Sn-enriched Butyltin compounds - Reference Material

Isotopically enriched compounds for the analysis of Monobutyltin (MBT), Dibutyltin (DBT) and Tributyltin (TBT) by Isotope Dilution. 


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