Organic compounds

methylmercury, ethylmercury, tributyltin, butyltin, enriched methylmercury, enriched ethylmercury, enriched tributyltin, enriched butyltin

(Metal)organic compounds like Methylmercury or Tributyltin (TBT) are environmental contaminants present in seafood, fish, water and sediments, and can be a major source of human exposure. The determination of such compounds can be challenging, since already the first step in sample preparation can be troublesome. Recovery of the analyte from the sample is not always quantitative, therefore recovery factors during isolation must be known or determined. The use of Isotope Dilution (ID) methodologies allow the determination of the concentration of these compounds in the sample, without the need for time consuming calibration, standard addition or recovery correction procedures, providing precise and accurate results. ISC Science offers a variety of isotopically enriched or labelled species like Methlymercury, Ethylmercury and Butyltin compounds for speciation analysis using Isotope Dilution Methodologies.


Reference Materials (RM) are provided with the following general characteristics:

Our Reference Materials can be used in Isotope Dilution Analysis: for calibration of a measurement system, assessment of a measurement procedure, assigning values to other materials and/or quality control.

The different marketed standards are shown below. To see the specific characteristics of each product, click on "View product".

201Hg-enriched Methylmercury

201Hg-enriched Methylmercury - Reference Material

Isotopically enriched standard for the analysis of Methylmercury by Isotope Dilution.

199Hg-enriched Methylmercury

199Hg-enriched Methylmercury - Reference Material

Isotopically enriched compound for the analysis of Methylmercury by Isotope Dilution.

198Hg-enriched Ethylmercury

198Hg-enriched Ethylmercury - Reference Material

Isotopically enriched compound for the analysis of Ethylmercury by Isotope Dilution.

119Sn-enriched Butyltin Mix

119Sn-enriched Butyltin compounds - Reference Material

Isotopically enriched compounds for the analysis of Monobutyltin (MBT), Dibutyltin (DBT) and Tributyltin (TBT) by Isotope Dilution.