ISC SCIENCE provides technical assistance to laboratories in aspects related to chemical analysis.
ISC SCIENCE offers its support to companies that have analytical laboratories contributing with rapid solutions and of guarantee to any analytical problem. We offer our clients the possibility of a global service through "turnkey" solutions, starting with the consulting in implementing of an analytical method and concluding with the accreditation of the analytical method. The services offered by ISC SCIENCE include different areas of performance:

Organization of chemical analysis laboratories.- Advice in the acquisition of instrumentation, training in operating analytical instrumentation, development of analytical methods, implementation of quality systems, etc.

Application and implementation of analytical procedures and methodologies.- Implementation of normalized analytical methods in the client's laboratory, directed to its later implementation into a quality system.
  • Implementation and set-up of national and international regulations  
  • Elaboration of documentary procedures for tests, maintenance and calibration for its later accreditation according to ISO norms.
  • Advice for the accreditation of the tests

Design and implementation of specific analytical applications.- Design, optimization and implementation of analytical applications for those clients who need a rapid and economic solution to certain analytical problems. This includes:
  • Evaluation of the analytical problem (feasibility, necessary instrumentation, etc)
  • Design and development of the chosen methodology.
  • Implementation and Validation in the client's laboratory.
  • Development of the procedures for its later accreditation to ISO norms.
  • Advice for the accreditation of the tests.

Quality consulting.- Advice to Companies and Official Centres on quality systems for Chemical or Medical Laboratories, according to UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 criteria. This advice includes: Design of quality manuals.
  • Development of procedures.
  • Monitoring of the well-established systems.
  • Development of maintenance procedures.

Organization of intercomparison exercises.- Design and evaluation of inter-laboratory exercises for the comparison, evaluation and validation of the analytical results.

  • Design of exercises according to the needs of the client.
  • Evaluation of the results and design of adjustment measures for those laboratories with discordant results.

We are the solution to the time and operational problems of your laboratory.

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