CRM-DW Elementos en aguas de consumo

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This material contains 29 elements with certified concentration, including elements stated on Directive (EU) 2020/2184 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2020 on the quality of water intended for human consumption(1) at approximated concentration level equivalent to "parametric value" as Directive 2020/2184 defines(1). This material is marketed with the following product information

Reference: CRM-DW1

Volume: 250 ml

Matrix: Natural mineral water

ISO 17034 production: Yes

Metals (and concentration) (2): Ag (25 ug/l), Al (200 ug/l), As (10 ug/l), B (1 mg/l), Ba (40 ug/l), Be (5 ug/l), Ca (65 mg/l), Cd (5 ug/l), Co (5 ug/l), Cr (50 ug/l), Cu (2 mg/l), Fe (200 ug/l), K (5 mg/l), Li (10 ug/l), Mg (10 mg/l), Mn (50 ug/l), Mo (5 ug/l), Na (75 mg/l), Ni (20 ug/l), Pb (10 ug/l), Sb (5 ug/l), Se (10 ug/l), Sn (20 ug/l), Sr (30 ug/l), Ti (20 ug/l), Tl (5 ug/l), U (5 ug/l), V (5 ug/l) and Zn (100 ug/l). 

 (1) European Legislation (EC-EU), but not exclusive, on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

 (2) Cualitative composition (and target concentration of production [the certified values may differ slighly from values stated here]). 


ISC Science is a Reference Material Producer accredited by ENAC.

Accreditation no.: 3/PMR004. Check the Technical Annex here.

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