Our philosophy: Quality

ISC-SCIENCE directs its efforts to a fundamental objective: the quality of the analytical results.

The optimisation of the available customer’s resources helps to increase his laboratory's production capacity and to obtain results of quality.

ISC SCIENCE provides personalized service to each costumer, adapting the solutions to every specific problem. For this purpose, a highly qualified and experienced staff is at the customer’s disposal. The success of your laboratory is our goal.

Our philosophy of work is based on solving the problems by adapting the solution to the laboratory, and not the laboratory to the solution.

Mission.- Dealing with the needs of the chemical analysis laboratories in different fields, ranging from consulting and training to the sale of instrumentation, design and implementation of methodologies and quality systems or the commercialization of specific reagents for analysis, contributing this way to the succes of the laboratories.

Vision.- Becoming a reference on national level in designing and implementing of isotope dilution analysis methodologies and the training in analytical techniques based on mass spectrometry (ICP-MS, LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS and GC-MS/MS), complemented by the consulting in implementing quality systems for laboratories. Likewise, and on international level, ISC-Science persues to become a reference company in the design, synthesis and commercialization of methods and isotopically labelled compounds that solve the problems and improve the performances of classic analytical methods.

Values.- can be specified as follows:

  • The staff as the highest value of the company
  • Interactive management
  • Commitment to ongoing R&D
  • Teamwork (colaboration between the different members and sections of ISC-Science)
  • Personal customer service (customized services, turnkey solutions)
  • Internal communication, commitment and institutional trust

IMPORTANT NOTICE: office summer closure

From 3 to 26 July (both inclusive):

  • All orders received for products that are not in stock will be delivered after September 1st 2023.
  • Orders relating to products in stock will not be affected by these limitations between the dates indicated above and will be processed as usual.

From 28 July to 1 September (both inclusive): No deliveries of any type of orders will be made and no quotations will be prepared. Orders/quotations received/requested between these dates will be processed after September 1st.