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About ISC-Science

ISC-Science was founded at the beginning of 2003 with the goal of giving support to the chemical analysis laboratories in practical daily work topics.

Innovative Solutions in Chemistry S.L. (ISC-Science) is a technology-based company that was founded with the main goal to develop new applications for the analysis of compounds of interest in environmental, agrofood and clinical testing laboratories.

Our activities are mainly focused on the synthesis, preparation and commercialization of isotope standards and isotopically enriched compounds, the development of new methodologies based on mass spectrometry and the application of isotope dilution, the training in advanced analytical techniques and the consulting in and implementation of quality systems based on ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 17034 and ISO 9001 norms.

  • Labelled compounds.- ISC-Science produces, certifies and commercializes isotopic standards and isotopically labelled compounds for its use in isotope dilution analysis. ISC-Science is accredited by ENAC as Reference Material Producer with accreditation no. 3/PMR004.
  • Methodologies.- ISC-Science develops methods based on isotope dilution analyisis for the determination of contaminants and compounds of interest in the environmental, agrofood and biochemical field (*).
  • Training.- ISC-Science offers specialized training in the use of sophisticated analytical instrumentation as well as in aspects related to quality systems based on ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 17034 and ISO 9001 norms (*).
  • Consulting.- ISC-Science offers consulting and training in implementing quality systems as well as analytical method development (*).
  • Distribution.- ISC-Science is the official distributor for Savillex products in Spain (*).


ISC Science is a Reference Material Producer accredited by ENAC with accreditation no. 3/PMR004. Check the Technical Annex clicking here.

The marked activities (*) are not covered by ENAC accreditation no. 3/PMR004.

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ISC-Science is an ISO 9001 certified company

Certificación AENOR

Office closed for vacation

Our office will be closed due to vacation from July, 30th until September, 1st. Emails will be answered and orders placed during the vacation period will be fufilled as soon as possible upon return. Please, ensure to place your order in time to be able to process it before closure.