201Hg Methylmercury

201Hg-enriched Methylmercury - Certified Reference Material

Isotopically enriched standard for the analysis of Methylmercury by Isotope Dilution.

ISO 17034 and ISO/IEC 17025 certified CRM

Reference   201MMHg005010
Certified concentration (as cation)
  5 ug/g
Maximum uncertainty for concentration value
10% of the value (95% confidence level)

Certified abundances (%)

  196Hg, 198Hg, 199Hg, 200Hg,

  201Hg, 202Hg and 204Hg

Maximum uncertainty for abundance values   0.4% (95% confidence level)
Volume   10 mL
Solvent   Acetic acid/Methanol (3:1)

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